TinkerTar - Rainbow Heart Guitar - 1 Stringed Guitar for Kids: Intro to Music

Buffalo Games
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  • MADE BY MUSCIANS Brian Calhoun, Dave Matthews and John Alagia
  • BACKED BY the largest independent music management company in the world, Red Light Management!
  • WHY 1-STRING? 1 string gets kids started with a melody instead of chords, it means the TinkerTar is always in tune with itself, it's the perfect way to introduce kids to music.
  • IT'S SO EASY! Great for all ages! The fingerboard on a TinkerTar is much smaller so children's hands can easily wrap around the neck.
  • ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES! Similar to a recorder, there are thousands of songs and melodies that could be played with one string. From nursery rhymes to rock n'roll, the possibilities are endless with the TinkerTar!

Get hooked on guitar with this 1-string melody maker from Buffalo Games! Created by musicians Brian Calhoun, Dave Matthews, and John Alagia, Tinkertar is the best guitar for beginners. Made of durable, sustainable, responsibly sourced wood, this one string guitar is the perfect way to introduce kids to music - they start with a melody instead of chords, and Tinkertar is always in tune with itself! Enjoy learning with a large selection of fun designs and characters, including this heart-shaped rainbow-colored design! A music book of 15 songs comes included. Colored and numbered finger positions making reading music a snap, even for pre-readers! Play your first song in minutes!