Fall Puzzles

Fall Puzzles

If you're someone who loves the fall season and all its beautiful colors, crisp air, and cozy vibes, then you'll be thrilled to know that Buffalo Games has a wide range of autumn-themed puzzles just waiting for you to solve.

Enjoy a Wide Variety of Fall Puzzle Themes and Series

Our collection of fall puzzles features breathtaking images of colorful foliage, autumnal landscapes, harvest scenes, and other cozy autumn activities that are sure to evoke a warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart. 


Charles Wysocki Jigsaw Puzzles: Vivid and creative depictions of historical events in America.

Chuck Pinson Puzzles: Chuck's jigsaw puzzles showcase stunning and intricately detailed imagery, ranging from enchanting woodland landscapes to charming small towns, making them a delight for puzzle enthusiasts and art lovers alike.

Terry Redlin Puzzles: Be dazzled by spectacular images of the sun's daily journey, and be transported back to cherished memories with these nostalgic artworks.

Whether you're a nature lover, an art enthusiast, or have a fondness for nostalgia, offering this wide variety of themes means that there is something for everyone. 

Age Groups of Fall Puzzles

The inclusive nature of fall puzzles invites both adults and children, regardless of their skill level, to partake in the pastime, making it a versatile and enjoyable activity for all.

Different Fall Puzzle Sizes and Difficulties

Our assortment of fall puzzles has been crafted to accommodate puzzle enthusiasts with varying levels of proficiency and interests. We offer puzzles in a range of sizes and levels of difficulty to provide both amateur and experienced solvers with a suitable challenge.


Here are a few customer favorite fall puzzles:


Explore our puzzle collections based on difficulty level: