Tinkertar - Pink Floral Acoustic Guitar - 1 Stringed Guitar for Kids: Intro to Music

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  • Perfect Starter Guitar: Introduce your toddler to the enchanting world of music with this delightful 1-string guitar. Designed with young boys and girls in mind, it is the ideal beginner's instrument to ignite their passion for music and foster their creativity
  • Fun and Educational with a Simplified Design: Make learning music an enjoyable journey with this 1-string guitar. The included instruction book provides a helpful guide, ensuring that your child gains valuable knowledge and skills while having a blast strumming along. Engineered for simplicity, this guitar's 1-string concept allows young learners to grasp the basics with ease. Watch as they build confidence in their musical abilities and develop essential motor skills and coordination
  • Unleash Musical Talents: Unlock your child's musical potential as they explore the joy of making music. The easy-to-learn nature of this guitar empowers them to create delightful tunes, boosting their self-esteem and providing a sense of accomplishment
  • Gift of Music: Present your little one with the priceless gift of music and open doors to a world of imagination and expression. As they strum away, they will cherish beautiful memories, and you'll take pride in nurturing their love for music
  • TinkerTar Includes: 1-String Guitar, Guitar strap, 2 replacement guitar strings, and includes an instructional music book containing 12 kid-friendly songs

Introducing the captivating and educational TinkerTar : Single String Guitar; a delightful musical toy designed specifically for those new to playing the guitar. This innovative toy brings the joy of music into your child's hands fostering their love for melodies and rhythms from an early age. With the strap, your little rockstar can play standing up, just like their favorite musicians, and let their imagination run wild with musical adventures. To complement the learning process, each 1-String Guitar comes with an exclusive beginner guitar book. This guide introduces kids to strumming and melodies specific to the colors and numbers on the neck of the TinkerTar . As your child strums the 1-string and discovers different notes, they are developing essential motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and a sense of rhythm. Early exposure to music is known to enhance cognitive abilities and boost creativity, laying the foundation for a brighter future. We have partnered with renowned guitar designer and founder of the Rockbridge Guitar Company Brian Calhoun. His expertise and passion for teaching music to children led to a design that ensures a seamless learning experience. Your child will be guided through the basics of music in an engaging and entertaining way, setting them on the path to musical greatness. Not only is this toy adored by educators and parents, but it has also received the stamp of approval from renowned musicians Dave Matthews and John Alagia. Their support further emphasizes the quality and value of this musical treasure for young learners. Unlock the wonders of music and creativity with TinkerTar  - the perfect blend of play and learning. Whether your toddler strums casually or dreams of becoming the next guitar legend, this toy promises endless hours of entertainment and educational growth. Do not miss the opportunity to spark a lifelong passion for music in your child's heart.