Card Game - Christmas Trivia Family Game 2 Pack

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Introduce a heartwarming blend of bonding and brainpower to your festive gatherings with our Christmas Family Game 2-pack! Engage in heart-to-heart chats with "Holiday Family Convo Starters" or test your yuletide knowledge with the "Christmas Trivia Game". Designed to unify generations, evoke nostalgia, and sprinkle knowledge, this duo will surely light up your holiday evenings.

HOLIDAY FAMILY CONVO STARTERS: Reignite the art of conversation with this delightful deck! Dive into 100 holiday-themed conversation starters across 50 cards. Whether it's reminiscing over past Christmases or making quirky festive choices with Would You Rather questions, these cards are your passport to meaningful family connections and countless chuckles.

CHRISTMAS TRIVIA GAME: Awaken the Christmas genius within! With 10 engaging categories and 100 brain-teasing questions on 50 cards, challenge your family and friends to a merry duel of wits. From historical facts to Christmas-y challenges, you’ll be having so much fun!

ALL-AGE APPEAL: Suitable for kids, teens, and adults, ensuring that everyone around the table is engaged and entertained.

IDEAL STOCKING STUFFER: Presented in festive packaging, it's a perfect gift for families, friends, or hosts of holiday gatherings.