Penny Black Card Game

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Seek out prestigious stamps and compete to build the most lucrative collection in this family-friendly strategy game for two to four players! In each round choose which three stamps to add to your collection. Then strategically place them in your stamp album to score the most points based on your collection criteria. Each player’s criteria varies and there’s no telling which stamps will be available next. Be wary, your competitors may acquire the stamps you need. ​

Keep an eye out for the Penny Black. It is the world’s first adhesive postage stamp that ushered in the art of stamp collecting – and is highly sought after prize in this game. If it appears it can enhance the value of your album. ​ The player with the most valuable collection after 10 rounds, wins!​

EASY TO LEARN STRATEGY GAME: Penny Black is a stamp placement game where players become philatelists competing to create the most lucrative collection. The game is easy to learn with subtle strategy and is perfect for gamers and those new to gaming. ​

COLLECT: Choose three stamps from the central Market sheets to add to your stamp album in each round. ​

COMPETE: Score points by strategically placing them in your album as sets or sequences based on your own collection criteria.

COMMEMORATE: Collect the coveted Penny Black stamp it if appears! Add it to your album to enhance the prestige of your stamp collection. The player with the highest valued stamp album wins!​

STUNNING COMPONENTS: Immerse yourself in the world of stamp collecting with fold out stamp album, mail bag, a Penny Black rubber stamp round marker, and beautiful stamp tiles with each suit designed by a different artist​