Medical Mysteries: NYC Emergency Card Game

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Your patients' lives are in your hands. Will they survive the night? Work as a team to solve real life medical cases. Each patient has a mysterious medical condition and it is your job to diagnose and treat before its too late. Do you have what it takes to save their lives?

BE A NEW YORK CITY EMERGENCY ROOM DOCTOR: Medical Mysteries puts you in the shoes of an Emergency Room doctor, tasked with ensuring your patient survives the night - their lives are in your hands. Can you work with your team to examine, diagnose and treat your patient, before its too late?

INCLUDES 4 PATIENTS AND A TUTORIAL This Medical Mysteries game includes 4 patient files to solve. Each patient comes into the Emergency Room with mysterious medical condition that you’ll need to unravel before it’s too late. Also includes a Tutorial which walks you through a patient case so you feel prepared to treat and diagnose patients on your own before moving to the 4 main patients. Each case has a varying level of difficulty.

EXAMINE, DIAGNOSE AND TREAT: As an Emergency Room Doctors, it is your job to examine your patients’ mysterious symptoms, review their medical history and uncover hidden clues. Work together to diagnose the conditions. Follow clues, run tests, consult specialists and use your instincts to diagnose the patient, and finally make the right treatment decisions to help your patient survive the night. Then, work to determine the underlying cause of their condition. Earn points along the way for making the right treatment decisions and helping your patient survive the night.

NO PRIOR MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE NECESSARY, EASY TO LEARN AND PLAY- Medical Mysteries game includes a full case tutorial to walk you through how to play. Tutorial helps players navigate through their patient's treatment plan, and no prior medical knowledge is necessary. Each patient includes an intake interview, and an Electronic Medical Record to review and assess the case. From there, you’ll have the information you need to start treating and diagnosing. Research Sheets will provide details on possible conditions that your patient might have, and additional information will unfold as you start treating the patient. Gather more information by running tests and consulting specialist as you narrow down the options.

IT’S A RACE AGAINST THE CLOCK- Each action you take progresses the game, and the clock. Your goal is to get your patient to survive the night. Continue testing and diagnosing until time runs out.

GREAT FOR INDIVIDUALS, PARTIES, GROUPS AND COUPLES Love watching Medical Shows? Love suspense and adventure? This game is for people of all ages who would enjoy being immersed in this brilliant adventure where science meets suspense! You’ll love solving these perplexing medical cases. This game is perfect for couples looking to delve into a suspenseful and exciting challenge where you will work together to solve the case. It’s also a great game for girls night, a dinner party or family get together. Its an immersive narrative experience.