Tabletop Pickleball Paddleball Game

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Grab your paddle and turn any table into your own pickleball court! Play head-to-head against family & friends, and let your paddle do the talking. Will you relish in victory or sour in defeat? One thing is for sure - if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen! ​

BELOVED PICKELBALL GAME FOR INDOOR PLAY: play the fastest growing sport, Pickleball, anywhere! ​

RETRACTABLE NET FITS MOST TABLES: The retractable net fits most tabletop surfaces – up to 6ft wide! ​

INCLUDES KITCHEN: Stay out of the kitchen! This game comes with a kitchen that is easy to set up, as well as 3 balls, 4 paddles and the net! ​

GREAT FAMILY GAME: Great for kids and adults of all ages! Great gift for the pickleball fan! A fun way to play this classic game, indoors. ​