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In this game of nature & nurture, make your house beautiful by caring for your very own collection of houseplants! In this easy-to-learn board game, collect your favorite plants and they try to feed them every round with the right combination of light, water, and plant food.

Planted features 42 varieties of popular and exotic houseplants, each with their own requirements to grow. Discover various planting tools and decorations to help you raise beautiful, thriving plants, and score bonus points. The player, or plant parent, that ends up scoring the most points from growing their plants is declared the game’s biggest green thumb - and winner!

Easy to learn mechanics for all ages strategy
Collect resource tokens to care for your nursery (water drop, sun chip, plant food, etc.)
Features 42 popular and various plant varieties for all levels of plant parents including the fiddle leaf fig, philodendron, ZZ plant, monstera, croton, and more!
Ages 10+; 2-5 Players; Game Play - 20 to 30mins.
Created by famed game designer Phil Walker-Harding

Reviews for Planted Board Game

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    Fun Simple drafting game with beautiful art

    We love this game at our house. We are plant addicts so that’s part of it, but this is a very simple yet fun game in which you must collect the resources you need to feed your plants over a number of rounds. The artwork is spectacular. The game has nice high quality cards and plastic resources (no cheap punch out tokens here) it’s a fairly short but enjoyable game which allows for several games over a longer period of time. It’s a favorite at our house for the lighter quicker game that’s still a whole lot of fun!