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Did you know that a crocodile can't stick out its tongue, or that apples float but pears sink? From the creators of National Geographic Kids magazine and Brain Games Kids the Board Game, comes a new game with even more WACKY-FACT-PACKED-FUN-TASTIC-FUN! It's weird, but is it true?

  • Over 200 Questions
  • Everyone plays on every questions
  • Ages 8+
  • 2-5 Players

Types of Questions

  • Fact & Fiction- One is Fact. One is Fiction. Which one is the true fact? Use your A or B Answer card to answer. When ready, all players reveal their answer at the same time.
  • Which One Is...?- It’s a question of weird comparisons. Use your A or B Answer card to answer. When ready, all players reveal their answer at the same time.
  • What's Your Number?- This is a numbers game! So, every answer is a number. When ready, players take turns giving their answer one at a time starting with the reader. Players may not repeat numbers. The closest number without going over the answer is the winner!
  • Eye Wonder- Everyone gets 1 guess to name what the image is a picture of. There are no turns when answering, just yell out your answer as soon as you think you know what it is. Players may not repeat answers. Once everyone has made a guess, the reader reveals the answer. If a player answered correctly, they win!
  • Brain Blitz- In this mini game, everyone will take turns naming one item from the topic below, starting with the reader and moving clockwise around the group. If you repeat an item already said, or fail to correctly name something in 5 seconds, you’re out. The last player remaining wins! Other players may count 5 Mississippi for the timer.

What's In The Box?

  • 236 Questions (118 Double-Sided Cards)
  • 10 Answer Cards
  • 5 Pawns
  • Reveal Wand
  • Card Holder
  • Instructions

Download Instructions Here

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