Saturday Night Live The Game


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Live from New York… it’s Saturday Night!

Play through a series of classic and iconic SNL sketches. Everyone is in the same sketch together except for one player, the Stand-In. The Stand-In’s goal is to figure out the sketch by playing along and improving. The rest of the players are trying to figure out who the Stand-In is without giving away too much. It takes timing, deduction, bluffing, and acting skills to win! The game features 30 different all-time favorite sketches including More Cowbell, The Roxbury Guys, The Ladies Man, and more!

  • 3-8 Players
  • Ages 17+
  • 30 Minute Play Time
  • Game includes 210 Sketch Cards of 30 Sketches, 7 Stand-In Cards, 30 Sketch Envelopes, 1 Stand-In Envelope, 36 Scoring Tokens, 8 SNL Reference Boards, 60 Second Sand Timer, Game Instructions

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