Ghost Castle


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The story begins, you are paranormal investigators hired to find out if the legend of the haunted Ghost Castle is true, and to record anything “strange” going on inside. The trouble is… it’s all true! Having made your way upstairs, you’ve accidently woken the mean-spirited ghost of Count Spooksalot from a decade long sleep- and he is determined to get his revenge by trapping you in his castle forever! Not all of you will escape, so you must race each other down the stairs and through the danger-filled rooms to get out of the castle as quickly as possible. 

Ghost Castle is the perfect blend of nostalgia and newness combining the fond memories of the original 1985 game with a modern and exciting new feel for young first-time players. This thrilling family friendly board game is the perfect addition to your game night collection.

  • Avoid the traps including balls that roll down the stairs and shoot out of the bookcase, hidden trap doors, falling axes, and moving picture frames!
  • Includes a glow-in-the-dark ghost that triggers the traps
  • 8 unique characters to choose from
  • 2-6 players
  • 25-40 minute playtime
  • For ages 6+

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