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Full Tilt Pinball Action! Use your turn of 10 balls to try and get the high score in the action-packed tabletop pinball game. Land balls in scoring zones to accumulate points. Play solo or go head-to-head in this game for all ages! 1+ Players, Ages 8+

Ways To Play

  • Solo Play- One player plays 10 balls.
  • Head To Head- Each player plays 1 game with 10 balls. Highest score wins!
  • Team Play- Players divide into teams and alternate turns to see how many points they can accumulate.
  • Sudden Death Pinball- Two players each get 1 ball to play. Highest score wins.
  • Pinhead Playoff- Players take turns competing to see who can spell Pinball in the least amount of balls.
  • Go Easy, Bro- An introductory game where players only play with 5 balls to get a feel of the game and start to develop their skills.
  • Are You Done Yet?- See who can have the longest game. Not a game for sibling rivalry and patience. Keep time on how long it takes for a player to keep all 10 balls alive.
  • The Stunt Show- Players see how many balls they can get into target areas. Each player launches 7 balls.

Pro Tips- Mastering the Flippers

  • Don't flip both flippers at the same time. Try to only use the flipper you need in the moment.
  • After you flip, drop the flipper back down. Otherwise you're leaving a larger hole for the ball to drop down into the drain.
  • Keep your flipping to a minimum- and only flip when you must. This will allow you to concentrate on the ball, slow the game down, and pick your shots. This is what separates the pros from the rookies. 
  • Trap the ball- if you raise your flipper at the right time, you can bring the ball to a stop while holding the flipper up. This allows you to stop and aim your shot.

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