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The game of ridiculously random lists!

Just choose a category, fire up that big beautiful brain of yours, make a list, and win some sweet, sweet imaginary points for it. The more creative your answers are the better, because only unique answers score. List 7 items that fit the category before time runs out, items that start with the bonus letter get extra points. After the round, roll the BuzzFeed die to award bonus points to the most Trashy, WTF, Ew, Hot, Basic or OMG answer. Categories range from “Celebrities That Probably Smell Good” and “Insults That Don’t Contain A Curse Word” to “Things That Deserve A Round Of Applause Just For Existing”. Who will be crowned the top list maker?!

  • 2-8 player hilarious party game
  • Ages 14+, some of the stuff in here isn’t for babies
  • 20-30 minute playtime, quick and easy so you can just play again if you’re really bitter about losing
  • Contains 250 Category Cards, 15 Bonus Letter Cards, 8 Answer Pads, 8 Pencils, 1 BuzzFeed Die, 90 Second Timer, Game Instructions

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