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Americans Dish on Thanksgiving Holiday

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Buffalo Games Inc. Announces Results of First Annual Thanksgiving Survey

November 13, 2012, Buffalo, NY – Industry-leading game and jigsaw puzzle company Buffalo Games Inc. got the scoop from Americans about their Thanksgiving holiday plans this year. The survey sought to identify when people begin Thanksgiving holiday preparation, where they shop, what they buy, and what they do on Thanksgiving Day. Utilizing Survey Monkey in October 2012, Buffalo Games heard from 558 Americans nationwide via the Internet. Survey findings have a +/- 4 percent margin of error.

Key Survey Findings:

  • Preparation Time: 48 percent of those who host Thanksgiving dinner prepare two or three days ahead
  • (Hungry) Gift-Giving Guests: 55 percent of guests bring the Thanksgiving host/hostess a gift; 84 percent of those gift givers bring food such as dessert or a side dish
  • Cooking versus Carving: 48 percent of hosts do not carve their own turkey – a partner or significant other does
  • Turkey, football and … games?: In addition to eating, 64 percent of respondents say they will watch football and 56 percent of respondents will play board games on Thanksgiving Day
  • Nap time: 41 percent admit they will take a nap on Thanksgiving
  • Going back for seconds: 52 percent of respondents say they will have two helpings of Thanksgiving dinner
  • Why bother slaving over dinner?: More than one third (34 percent) of respondents enjoy Thanksgiving leftovers more than dinner
  • Who is really helping in the kitchen?: While 86 percent of guests say they help with clean-up and dishwashing after Thanksgiving dinner, only 56 percent of hosts say they let guests help with post-Thanksgiving dinner clean-up


About Buffalo Games:

Buffalo Games, Inc. is an industry-leading game and jigsaw puzzle company whose products are available at all major retailers across the U.S. and Canada. Headquartered in Buffalo, New York, the company has sold more than 25 million games and puzzles. Its full line of award-winning party games – Last Word, Likewise!, Truth Be Told, Gotcha!, Phone Frenzy and Chronology – are fun to play, easy to learn and loaded with lots of repeat play