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The Metagame

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Metagame is the party game that gets you talking! Share your opinions on everything from fine art to trashy entertainment with SEVEN WAYS TO PLAY!

This party game accommodates an almost limitless number of players, so it's perfect for big parties or even just 2 people. It comes with instructions for over six games you can play with the same deck. The seven ways to play are:

  1. Matchmakers (3+ players) : Each round, match your hand of culture cards to everyone else's opinion cards.

  2. Head-to-Head (3+ players) : A high-speed battle of wits for three. You and your opponents race to put your cards on the table.

  3. History 101 (2+ players) : Get your dates straight with this game where you must put culture in the right chronology.

  4. Metaquilt (3-7 players) : It has strategy. It has debate. And it turns your tabletop into a crazy quilt of culture. Lose all your cards to win.

  5. Debate Club (5+ players) : Loudmouths rule. Survive each round by arguing for your card. If the critics don't like what you say, you are knocked out and become a critic too.

  6. Massively Multiplayer Metagame (5-50+ players) : A highly social Metagame. Play it over dinner conversation or at big parties and events. Like the name says, it works with hundreds or even thousands of players.

  7. Think-Alike (2+ players) : Get on your partner's wavelength so you both pick the same card. With two players, it's cooperative - with more, each pair plays as a team.

For videos on how to play all of these games and more, check out The Metagame Youtube Channel.

  • For ages 17+
  • Players: 2-50+
  • Includes: 200 Culture Cards, 100 Opinion Cards and Rules
  • Time: 10-45 minutes
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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